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Statement by Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs
I. Ivanov, UN Millenium Assembly,
New York, 18 September 2000


Russia's Peacekeeping Policy

It is important to enhance considerably the UN capacity for prompt deployment of peace-keeping operations. This can be done through an early of completion of the system of stand-by arrangements without delay. Peace-making structures of the UN Secretariat need strengthening. They should provide for professional planning, control and command of the operations.
Russia consistently advocates the expansion of cooperation between the United Nations and regional structures in the field of peacekeeping. Chapter VIII of the UN Charter remains the basis of such interaction. Any regional or "coalition" operation should be conducted in the conditions of transparency and reporting to the UN Security Council, whereas operations with enforcement elements - only with its authorization.
The Commonwealth of Independent States is a major regional partner of the United Nations in peacekeeping. In many respects, it was the close cooperation between the United Nations and the CIS that made it possible to resolve successfully the conflict in Tajikistan. Such interaction will undoubtedly deepen along with the development of the CIS anti-crisis potential. At the same time, for stable peace to prevail in conflict-affected regions in the CIS space the volume of international economic and humanitarian aid for their rehabilitation should be increased…
The experience of UN peacekeeping activities in recent years clearly shows priority of political and diplomatic methods of conflict settlement.